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  • Supremacy 1914
    Powderkeg Europe: Tanks, Battles, Treason! Power obsession and the hunger for resources have brought the continent to the edge of self-destruction. Form powerful alliances, build your economy, and prepare your nation for the war. Lead your men into battle and become the ruler of Europe!

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  • MyRacingCareer
    Motorsport manager game is a game where you take the role of a formula racing driver. You will start your career in a low formula series similar to the Formula 3 series, but after a successful season you will get offers from better series. The highest is Formula 1, but there is more interesting.

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  • InTheMafia
    Multiplayer mafia role playing game with all related content.

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  • Pokemon MMORPG Game PokemonPets Online ✔ Pokemon Pets is a unique browser based MMO RPG game that doesn't require any downloads or plugins to play ✔ It closely mimics Nintendo's Pokémon handheld games with the added excitement of playing online alongside your friends

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  • Legends of Mor New MMORPG
    Come pick your side and write history in the Legend of Mor. Choose your class and immerse yourself in a fast-paced, full of events reality that shows you more than you have ever expected

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    Are you a bold risk taker? Compete with other players around the world by running your own virtual company!

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  • Monster MMORPG V2 Pokemon Style Free Browser Game
    Monster MMORPG is a free to play browser based no download required Pokemon style mmorpg game with over 1200 monsters and 500 maps. Live battle PVP is fully working. Game speed is also pretty decent with strong server and well coding. Check monsterdex

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    The purpose of PhantasyRPG is to provide an interactive fantastical browser based world that can be entered from any computer with internet access. No downloads, no long waits, just a free world to emmerse into and partake in an ever expanding world as well as meet other people from around the world

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  • Gindis Games is largest free online game provider that offers online games free, online browser game. At Gindis we serve latest browser-based free online games.

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  • NinjaManager - Naruto Online RPG
    NinjaManager is a free browser based MMORPG set in the shinobi world of the Naruto manga and anime series. Manage a team of ninjas in a strategic and addictive multiplaye game while exploring a troubled ninja world. A free naruto online rpg!

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  • Knight's Honor
    Strategic medieval RolePlayGame. Be a knight and conquer the europe of the dark ages. Battles and turneys wait for you to join in the fight.

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  • Seal Online Diamond Private Server
    Start level 10 Reputation 200.000 ( Fooder ) Cegel Character 20.062.012.Cegel Bank 4M Bank Guild 1M.Weapon All Jobs XG+12 HTBS School Set .G+6 Acc Ninjas Necklace.G+6 Pet Jurassic Mosquito in Amber ( Max Option ) No Lagging and No Freezing. Up time 24/7

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  • SIMply Peachy
    Downloads, discussions and more. Covers Sims, Sims 2, Sims 3, Sims Stories, and Sims games on Nintendo DS.

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  • Queville
    Hunt food, smith weapons, and prepare for battle! Can you stop the Evil Que from taking over the entire game? Browser based multi-player fantasy role-playing game that requires no downloads or plug-ins! Free to play forever!

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  • Ragnarok2 - The Legend
    FREE RELIABLE SERVER - FAST GROWING : 5000x/5000x/100 • Level 500/120 • Stats 400 •Custom Items amp Quests • Lagless, Stable, dedicated 100mbit • Daily Events • EZ-Installer • Join us today

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  • New 1000 AD
    A free multiplayer turn based strategy war game based on medieval civilizations around the year 1000 ad.

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  • Excellence Priston Tale

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  • Anime Brain
    Here you can watch anime online and it is the fastest way to find anime source. You just have to click it to watch the anime.Watch full episodes of Bleach anime series online

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  • Sims 2 Luxury
    A Sims 2 site featuring downloads for all aspects of the game, and a great community forum for the Sims 2.

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  • Final Fantasy XI. JOIN TODAY
    Full working FFXI Private Server,Experience:40x.Create account for more informations and features Friendly GMs and comunity. 500 players+.

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  • pirate king on2
    Balanced Server Rates Exp 20x - Party Exp 20x - Pet Exp 200x and Drop 10x Join Us and See this New Server Vote System Vote and Earn Mall Points

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  • Guil Wars - fate
    Were an idealistic, community driven guild focused on having fun. We host events regularly. Whether they be PvP, GvG, holiday festivities, or other fun. The community comes first and thats what keeps us coming back for more :D

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  • Kenwea 1 Private Server
    80/1 experience quot5 min for lvl 80quot, +10 All clas g1 weapon like shard, raptor, giga etc, Bi Frost Item, Walkry Armor, Dupe Fix, Macro Fix, Lunar War Fix, Mage Staff Attack Upgraded, 2.000 user capacity Location CANADA

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  • gunbound Private Server
    Xp 30000x, Drop 50000x. Support 2.1, Level 75, Items, Summons with Skills level 75 . All quests , All PVP , All Instances [ON] new event FORTRESS SIEGE, ENJOY NOW

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  • Prius Anima
    Prius Online 1st private server - Brutal Combat, Immerse Dungeons and Vicious PvP. lvl cap 75, auction house, neffy shop, original Korean exp rates, dedicated server.

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  • Daimonin MMORPG
    SUPREME FREE MMORPG - Full Community Driven - Script & Map Editor, Free Source - Create your Own World! Join the Dev Team! | Friendly Staff | PvP, Clans, Instances, Quests, Events, much more | Stable Dedicated Server | Many New Features | Join Now!

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  • Dead At Sea
    A Free Pirate Themed MMORPG Game. Kill, Pillage, Complete Quests, Slay Monsters and More. Conquer these seas and gloat over the feeble ones!

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  • TM Guerrilla Gaming Community
    no fancy speeches no lies just entertaining atmosphere ,friendly community , server events , competitive gaming and much more ... come and visit us to convince yourself that we take gaming to the next level of entertainment.

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  • Dragonica: Rise of Darkness
    We bring you High Rates, Custom Weapons and Quests and Great Staff. Fast Growing Community as well as No lag and Online 24/7 Join us Now Download is available NOW

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  • GunBound -Deliverance Server-
    GunBound DVS - A New Server Of GunBound - All Buyable By Gold - New Items (Like Real GunBound...) - No Lag - Much People Playing - Play It Now, Only Download a File, And Start Playing

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  • Grand Chase Tuga Best Private Server
    Exp 2000x Drop 2500x Kinah 2000x Quest 1500x All Retail Features, 24/7 Dedicated Server, PvPvE Server , Long Term, Credit Rewards, All Working Skills, Quests, NPCs, MOBs, Instances,Join NOW

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  • The Pirate Game
    fancy a different kind of game well here at the pirate game we have just that sail the seas and plunder your way to the top .Build up your crew and raid others cash prizes every round .

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  • Legend of mir ps
    Legend Of Mir is a free to play private MMORPG game server with nice rates and a big community. Exp 50x Drop 30x Custom Items 24/7 Dedicated Server - No Lag Daily Events Active friendly Gms

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  • Dofus Soul
    Dofus Private Server, >>>Rates: Exp: 7x Drop: 6x Kamas: 5x

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    The funniest strategic simulation game ever seen on the web. Story of a cowboy dynasty from 1855 to 2021.

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  • Neverland Roleplay
    Neverland Roleplay is a San Andreas Multiplayer Community with awesome scripted Roleplay/Reallife servers.

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  • Final Fantasy Illusions
    This Final Fantasy fan group contains material for Final Fantasy video games such as pictures, wallpaper, animated Gifs, Midis, message boards, and more. It039s a place for Final Fantasy fans to interact, hang out, contribute, etc.

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  • The Knights of Glory
    We are a Guild Wars Guild that beleives in Teamwork, Fair Play, and Helping each other out. Stop by, check us out, and if your interested in an alliance or joining let us know on the forums, or use the contact page.

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  • Antique Empire
    Roleplay and strategy in the antiquity at 300 B.C.

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  • Gamerz League of Legends
    League of Legends Private server, All champions unlocked, all Skins unlocked, all runes unlocked, free IP, free RP

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  • Avatar; Spiritual Journey
    Zuko is rebuilding his nation 1 year after the war. Yet, Aang has fallen gravely ill with Spiritual Sickness, and with a new clan called the Dark Dragons on the loose, it's only a matter of time for him to recover and to once more, set the world in peace

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  • The fastest Dragonia server 100000x
    Chapter 3 NEW SERVER-Chapter 3 full working EXP X20, GOLD AMOUNT X20, GOLD DROP X5, DROP ITEM X5 New Dungeons: Wolves Den, Specters Tower and UnderGround Graveyard. New bosses, items, quests, skills and f7 mode, 3 Battle Square open per day

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  • High EverQuest
    EverQuest II Private Server - Highrate Server, free registration on quick survey, High Rates,No Lag, Drops High JOIN US NOW

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  • Dark Pristontale
    60x Exp 60x Drop 30x Gold 105c our custom item 10x SOD Upto +18 age Small events everyday GM support 24/7 level cap 119

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  • Asgard Heroes - Online Browser Game
    Prepare yourself to enroll in a journey to the stars and beyond, while struggling to rebuild and adapt. Asgard is in desperate need for heroes. Do you have what it takes? Prove yourself worthy of leadership and respect now!

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  • The First Everquest Private Server
    First Everquest Private Server x999 All Rates Amazing Dev Team Join Now Gm Apps Open .Ever Quest is a free to play private MMORPG game server with nice rates and a big community.Exp 50x Drop 30x Custom Items 24/7 Dedicated Server - No Lag Daily Events Active friendly Gms

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  • Gamerz Tera Online
    Server patch 24.06.03, High rates, Exp 9999x Drop 99x Quest 99x, Skill Auto Learn, Balanced PvP, Good Support, Professional team, Join Now

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  • Swordsman Online
    The best private server game Swordsman! The latest updates and additions! Professional equipment! The best team! Rates the X15 all! The game has been waiting all!

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  • Final Fantasy XI Paradi
    2010 Best Final Fantasy XI Private Server - No Lag - No Donations - 97 Up Time - Daily Events - No bugs - 2000+ Players At any Hour - Both High and Low Rates - Dedicated Staff - Join Us Today and get 1000 Gil Free

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  • Champion Pirates
    Champion Pirates.Relaxed server,10x exp,12x party exp,200x Drop rate,1000x Fairy exp and Resource 10x. 24/7 Non-Hamachi.Never an Item Mall, Earn what you have.Nice and helpful GMs.Join in on the fun today You dont have to vote to Reg your account

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